The Drisco lives in a carefully renovated historic building in Tel Aviv’s American Colony, one of the city’s finest neighborhoods in what was once the famed Jerusalem Hotel originally built by the Drisco brothers in 1866. The hotel is steeped with the spirit of a bygone era of elegance and service, turn-of-the century sophistication and infused with modern day world-class luxury.

The hotel has become a central hub for city slickers, start-up impresarios, freelancers and international travelers who all come together to create an atmosphere abuzz that is unique within the city’s landscape.

Hotel Features:

Atop the Drisco, we boast a rooftop with spectacular 360 views of the city that include a breathtaking direct line to the sea.

On the ground floor, we have faithfully reconstructed theTurkish-style Hamam, the city’s only functioning one; where troubles and worries are sweat away and the knowing hands of the specially trained staff dispense pampering fit for a Sultan.

Appetites are carefully taken care of with our maritime-inspired restaurant located in the atmospheric cellar. Personal rooms are made available for fine-diners seeking a modicum of discretion. For quicker culinary fixes and breakfast, we offer the ground floor patio.

Our discrete and knowing concierge will help you discover and navigate the different sides of the city and will make all necessary arrangements for your requirements.


The Drisco is surrounded by three of the city’s liveliest neighborhoods.

To the north, Neve Zedek, the city’s first Jewish neighborhood, brims with endless cafes, sharp dressers, gourmand eateries, a vibrant nightlife, boutique shopping and the Suzanna Dallal Centre of the Arts. It is the place for the urban connoisseur to stroll and savor.

A short 5-minute walk away lies the beautiful Jaffa beach as well as the heart of Old Jaffa with its spectacular architecture and atmosphere. Jaffa’s flea market provides a never-ending journey for rare gems while as soon as the sun sets it comes alive with the Mediterranean spirit of fiesta with an eclectic mix of revelers and bobo bon vivants.

Another 5-minute walk in the opposite direction brings you to Florentine, the most youthful of the city’s quadrants with its epic nightlife and home cooking eateries.